About Us

The concept of the project is to create a business network that connects the following four categories of users: Investor, Borrower, Lender and Companies interested in fund - raising.They can find the information pertaining to the investment opportunities and interest to invest on the platform.

The concept of the platform is a business network where users fill in the information in the specified fields during registration (name, surname, place of work, corporate e-mail, the purpose of using the platform). The information is accumulated in the database and presented to existing users through the search function. Registered members see not only the new member of the platform, but also their interests in the business network (eg John Doe of ABC Inc. is looking for an 18% IRR project in the renewable energy sector, in the region of South Caucasus). The platform has a chat function. Users have their own "room" where they can update the information at any time and see who visited their page. Members' personal data is protected and interested parties can only see each other's contact information after chatting through two-way communication.